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At Time To Restore we value the healing process. 

Living wholeness in every element of ourselves is a sacred pursuit in which we have spent years practicing and helping others find.  Jesus has eternally justified any person who chooses to put their trust in His finished work on the cross (Romans 5:1, Hebrews 10:4). Yet this side of eternity we still experience the effects of corruption, sin, injury, and the process of growing in godliness. 

People and relationships are inescapably vulnerable.  Human beings experience deeply painful hurts while living surrounded by fallible people, systems, and environments. Our approach is rooted from an empirical, biblical, and redemptive worldview.  Jesus came that we would have life and have it more abundantly, so we can expect that there is hope for growth and healing (John 10:10). We are committed to faith that is also enriched with education and training for healing, as the bible urges us to supplement our faith with knowledge (2 Peter 1:5). 

Many Christians believe the promise of redemption and abundant life to be true, yet struggle to actually experience the truth of the promise in their soul and relationships. 

Skills and principles to live a continuously redemptive healthy life for the whole being are attainable.  Life is filled with hurdles, setbacks, injuries, and losses that impact our souls, our bodies, and our relationships. We recognize that there is disparity in this world to equitable opportunities for abundant living.  It is our goal to make integrated health accessible to every person and community.

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